UDT-SEAL Association
Member Life Assistance Program

Our Mission: Serve as advocates for our members by providing liaison with appropriate and existing services in response to their needs.

The Member Life Assistance Program, also known as MLAP, was established as a means of providing members of the UDT-SEAL Association with services that positively impact the quality of their lives and that of their families.

Our mission is to provide information, coordination, and assistance during times of need from existing government and/or benevolent programs that are accessible and responsive to our members. When MLAP receives a request, we contact the member and evaluate their situation and circumstances. Through our support network, we contact and coordinate with various entities to ensure the appropriate support is provided. Once the connection is made, we continue to track these services in an effort to make sure our member’s needs are met. In essence, we act as a way station levying existing infrastructure in order to meet the needs of our members.

Generally, the benefactors are those who have separated or retired from active duty service, however, MLAP may assist support programs for our members still on active duty when requested by their command Warrior and Family Support Center, Care Coalition Liaison or assigned Patient Advocate.

MLAP Point of Contact:

Kim Powell (Coordinator) 757-363-7490 ext.104 – kpowell@udtseal.org
Jeff Kokosinski (Veteran Service Officer) 757-363-7490 ext.105 – jkokosinski@udtseal.org